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CAREERsense@HELP is the Career Guidance and Testing Centre at HELP University. HELP is an institution with a long history of providing quality education to thousands of students, not only from Malaysia, but also from other countries around the globe.

Building upon this history of success, CAREERsense@HELP was established. The mission of this one-stop career guidance, testing and career development centre is to equip individuals and organisations with the relevant knowledge, attitude and skills needed for personal and career success.

CAREERsense@HELP provides the full range of career guidance services to meet the needs of clients such as:
• Individuals, such as school-leavers, seeking to pursue Higher Education but who are uncertain about what particular course to pursue.
• Students who desire to seek information about institutions for postgraduate or professional studies locally or abroad.
• Prospective graduates who require help with internship, work placement and employment opportunities.
• Individuals who desire to develop a range of employability and career development competencies such as resume writing and interviewing skills, as well as learning communication and skills for working in a team.
• Corporations, organisations and institutions that require consulting or research services.

Central to all our services is our Career Counseling specialisation. Our team of highly qualified and experienced counseling professionals will assist and guide you through your career decision making process. Our services include:
• Employment & Internship Support
• Career Guidance Testing & Assessment
• Resource Centre
• Personal Development & Employability