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10 Reasons to Study at INTI
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10 Reasons to Study at INTI
INTI is one of the fastest growing and most innovative private universities in Malaysia which provides globally recognised world class education. INTI offers over 100 programmes which are approved by the Malaysian Government and its qualification agency (the Malaysian Qualifications Agency)
Malaysia is a proven and trusted education provider with more than 80,000 international students from more than 100 countries currently pursuing their tertiary studies in local universities and colleges. With over 2,000 international students, and a steady increase of students, INTI is often the preferred choice when it comes to higher education in Malaysia. Studying abroad means better career prospects and also gives you the opportunity to stay and work in another country.
Malaysia offers a wide variety of study options such as twinning degrees, overseas degree transfer programmes and foreign degrees completion in Malaysia. Our programmes have been designed in consultation with industry partners and incorporate real-life working experiences. These options are cost-effective routes to attaining quality education from established universities in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. INTI is one of the pioneers in offering these programmes and we have more than 20 years of experience in preparing and nurturing our students towards achieving their desired degrees
The Laureate English Programme collaboration with INTI gives international students a solid foundation in the English language that will allow them to proceed further in their respective courses in INTI. This is crucial as English is the lifeline of the business and working world.
INTIs International Office is ever willing to provide assistance to our international students in matters of immigration procedures and other travel related matters. The hassle- free immigration procedures provide a clear and direct pathway for international students to pursue their education in Malaysia.
With a melting pot of Malay, Indian and Chinese cultures, Malaysia is the perfect destination for any international student to know and better understand Asia. While studying in INTI, you will be experiencing another culture first hand and gain appreciation of a new culture when you experience the host country's people�s perceptions, beliefs, and values. You can also enjoy their music, food, arts and literature.
As an economically sound and socially safe country, Malaysia has a stable government and a low crime rate. INTI ensures the safety and well-being of all its students within its campuses. Our Student Services departments provide direction and advice to all new local and international students to ensure that they are well-informed on the security and conditions of their surroundings.
Malaysia has a geographically safe environment as it is situated in a zone that is free from most natural disasters. All INTI institutions are located in strategic cities or suburban areas where amenities and public transportation are widely available.
There is a huge variety of cuisine available, including vegetarian, halal, ethnic and western food, which makes Malaysia a food paradise. Food halls and cafeterias are mostly available at all INTI institutions and they serve pork-free meals. Also, Malaysia has a large variety of food, prepared in a lot of different styles that have been influenced by the various cultures that exist in the country including popular food from neighbouring countries like Thailand, Indonesia and Vietnam. There are many western foods available in Malaysia too.
Malaysia also has an excellent transportation system which allows easy mobility and access to various interesting places for students to visit and explore. INTI provides regular transportation for its students travelling between the Nilai and Subang campuses, as well as between selected places of accommodation and campus.