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The 21st century demands a more skilled player who is adaptable throughout his/her career course to changing technology, product demand, and global competition, working alongside a lesser-skilled, services-oriented workforce. As industry reacts to challenges brought on by globalization those employed within the various sectors must take into account eh size of the markets we produce for, the mix of products we consume, and the nature of the competition in the global marketplace. Increasingly it is becoming clear that the skilled players must take advantage of change in IT, biotechnology, and nanotechnology. The shift in organizational forms and the nature of employment relationships also favor strong cognitive and entrepreneurial skills.

The Limkokwing Centre for Postgraduate Studies & Professional Development has been established to carry forward the University legacy of introducing practices that go beyond the traditional. The Centre provides the high-end of the University degree path-way to enable students to progress their skills to a higher order to thought and execution. As a University with a 20-year track record in innovating the way people are being educated, the postgraduate facility has a vital role to play in developing human capital with high-level cognitive skills for managing, interpreting, validating, transforming, communicating, and acting on information.

The University has established an ecosystem that encourages out-of-the-box thinking to develop valued skills in non-routine analytic skills such as abstract reasoning, problem-solving, communication and collaboration. These are higher-level skills requiring action that cannot be easily codified into the digital media that is so pervasive at all levels of industry, government and organisations.

Limkokwing University of Creative Technology has assembled a team of academic experts in the fields of Business, Design, Communication, Multimedia, Architecture and Information Technology. These individuals selected, are among the best in their respective fields around the world. These individuals help to maintain, sustain and enhance Limkokwing's global standards and to ensure that its programmes and curricula are of international recognition.
• Doctor of Business Administration
• Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Creative Industries & Art Practice
• Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Information Systems
• Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) Management
• MA in International Contemporary Art & Design Practice
• Master in Digital Film & Television
• Master of Communication
• Master of Project Management
• MBA in Communication & Public Relations
• MBA in Finance & Banking
• MBA in General Management
• MBA in Human Resource Management
• MBA in Leisure & Tourism Management
• MBA in Multimedia Management
• MBA in Project Management
• MBA in Sports Management
• MSc in Computer Networking
• MSc in Software Engineering
• MSc in Software Management
• Post Graduate Diploma in Education