Student Campus Employment and Part-Time Job Opportunities
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Student Campus Employment and Part-Time Job Opportunities
The Registrar Office of MUST is extending its services in assisting the students to find on and off-campus job positions. The work-study gives students an opportunity to help themselves pay for university costs while adding to their resume and time management skills. A student's work experience at MUST can be fun and rewarding. It can also give students an opportunity to explore career choices as well as gain critical skills to improve marketability for professional employment. Students are responsible to seek out and apply for positions. A resume, application and/or interview may be required prior to hiring. However, application does not guarantee employment as positions are limited.
Available services

On-Campus Jobs
Part-time jobs during the semesters in office and services areas on campus.

• Teaching Assistant
• Lab Assistant
• Library Assistant
• Administrative Assistant
• Marketing Assistant
• Registrar's Office Assistant
• Research Assistant
• Resident Assistant
• Sport Facilitator
• Language Facilitator
• Student Activities Facilitator
• Other General and Odd Jobs

Off-Campus Jobs
Listings are available with information about part-time jobs in the Petaling Jaya area. MUST students may be employed whilst they are taking classes at MUST. The jobs may or may not be career-related.