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The ADTP is one of the premier programme in Sunway University which is been offered since 1987. Over these years, we have successfully groomed and transferred students to various universities in the United States and Canada.

Sunway University is one of the pioneering higher learning institutions in Malaysia to introduce the American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) in late 1980’s. It has a good record in successfully placing students in universities in the US The ADTP in Sunway University is similar to a US junior college associate degree, in that it provides a pathway via credit transfer into the final two or three years of a US undergraduate degree. This program is recognised by many universities in the US, including a number of good Tier 1 universities. Our students have even gained admission to Ivy League universities such as Cornell University.

Choosing Sunway University’s ADTP is the first step towards a recognized American degree. ADTP adopts the US education system which is unrivalled worldwide in the choice it offers and the flexibility. Sunway University offers a wide range of disciplines to students in the ADTP including Business, Engineering, Psychology, various branches of Science, Aviation, Communication, Liberal Arts, Tourism and Hospitality, Computer Science, and many more.