Academic Facilities
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Lecture Theatres and Classrooms
Lecture theater ready for use
With more than 120 classrooms and 15 lecture theatres, our aim is to provide the best for our students in the places where they will spend most of their time. The acoustically-balanced lecture theatres and comfortable classrooms create an effective learning environment, equipped with a range of other electronic teaching devices.
Science Laboratories
A typical day in one of our well equipped Science Laboratories
Our ultra-modern laboratories are well-equipped with the complete tools and materials for various experiments, especially in the fields of Physics, Biology and Chemistry.
Computer & Multimedia Production Laboratories
The computer and multimedia laboratories, a vital component of academic life
Our computer laboratories are well-equipped with up-to-date software and hardware to facilitate teaching and learning.Our laboratories are also equipped with the latest hardware and software, including Apple Macintosh, Linux and Windows-based computers.