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To support our students in their internship and career preparation journey, the Career Services Centre provides the following services and support:

  • Career Counselling/Advisory
  • Career Interest Profiling
  • Resume Review
  • Mock Interview





  • Insight into Career Services Centre and Meet the Counsellors
  • Career Interest Proling
  • Career Planning and What Employers Want
  • Field Trips
  • Career Fairs
  • Employer Information Sessions
Students start their Career Development Journey in Taylor’s University through a series of briefings (designed to give them awareness and exposure about their own career interests and strengths, and also helping them to learn more about different careers, industries and organisations.




  • Effective Cover Letters and Resumes
  • Interview Skills: Get Hired!
  • Professional Image and Executive Presence
  • Internship 101
  • Ace Your Internship
  • Ethics and Etiquette at Work
Throughout the year, Career Services Centre organised a series of activities for our students in order to better prepare them for internship and employment, and becoming industry-ready. Through our PREPARE: Empowerment Workshop Series, we welcome experts from the industries to engage our students and share their insights on major areas of career preparation as well as employability skills (i.e. Networking, Intercultural Communication, Career Management, Emotional Intelligence, Work Ethics, and Business Etiquette).

Students start their career preparation journey by undergoing a series of empowerment workshops that is designed to help them acquire early career exposure and prepare them for internship, graduate employment, job hunt and the work market. These workshops are delivered and facilitated by top employers and industry experts.




  • Career Fairs
  • Employer Information Sessions
  • Campus Recruitment Drives
  • Internship 101
  • Ace Your Internship
  • Employer Networking Events

Through our Experimential Activities, students will have the opportunity to put what they have learned into action, practice tihr enetworking skills and enhance their own employability by participating in Hi-Tea sessions, Field Trips, Mock Interviews, Campus Recruitment Drives, and Career Camps.