Co-Operative Education & Career Services
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The Co-Operative Education & Career Services (CECS) Unit provides integrated services to all UCSI University students to contribute to their intentional and rewarding career journey.

CECS staff acts as a liaison between students, employers and the different faculties within the UCSI University to establish and facilitate employment opportunities. We also support, train and lead students and the Alumni as they build their careers.

Students & Alumni

The Co-Operative Education Programme at UCSI University formally integrates classroom learning with workplace training at co-operative employer organisations. As part of their degree requirements, students enrolled in UCSI University programmes are required to complete a Co-Operative module comprising two months work experience for each year of their degree programme; beginning in Year One right through to the Final Year. Each Co-Operative module is accredited with three credits and students are graded based on a written assignment and employers' evaluation upon completion of each Co-Operative module.
UCSI University offers a one-stop centre to the widest selection of undergraduate students to be placed in a company/organisation for two months in a year for relevant Co-Op training related to their field of study. We offer students who are highly skilled and motivated from the various faculties to the relevant company /organisation.