Dear parents,

Going to university for the first time is a momentous stage in the life of any new student. It can also be a new and challenging period for parents and guardians.

Having supported your son or daughter through their journey to higher education, you’ll obviously want them to make the most of their time at university. This means knowing that they are not only provided with the educational opportunities with which to flourish, but also that they are in a safe and supportive environment which will encourage their independence and help develop them as rounded citizens.

This period of adjustment can be difficult for all concerned .I hope you will find here the answers to some of the questions that you may have concerning student life in Malaysia. If not, then we’ve provided useful contact details for you if you want to ask us anything directly.

Majority of our students are over 16 and are therefore treated as adults. However, we recognize, and value, the vital supporting role that you continue to provide for your children during their time here and have included some FAQs throughout this site.

I sincerely hope that your son/daughter thoroughly enjoys their time in Malaysia, and would wish them, and you, the very best over the next few years.

Choosing the right Course

If your child is thinking about studying at university, it is important for them to take plenty of time to decide what they would like to study and which university is right for them. You can help by encouraging them to think about:
What they enjoy and are good at – this is what they'll be happiest and most successful studying. You have to be the best at whatever you do so let your child decide what he/she wants do study.
The content of the course – this can differ between universities, we recommend you to get as much information from us as you can.;
• How it will help their future career – look out for workplace skills, work placements or time abroad.
If your son or daughter is not sure which course would suit them best, why not call us? They just need to spend a couple of minutes telling us what interests them and we'll make some suggestions.

Which university?

When they are deciding which university to choose, remind your son or daughter to think about:
Location – do they prefer to be in the Kuala Lumpur city campus or the countryside?
The cost of living – The cost of living in Malaysia ranges from USD 300 to USD 350 per month which includes shared Ac accommodation, food, travelling and other basic living expenses, depending on the lifestyle of the student.
Graduate employment figures – find a university with a good track record in your chosen field, do your own research on the job market of the said chosen field.