With easy access to the internet, increased travel and heightened global awareness, huge opportunities have opened up for Students. However, the information overload and opportunity explosion is such that it more often leads to more confusion than clarity. This is exactly what compels thousands of parents and students to come for Professional, ethical and non-commercial advice.

Developed as a genuine Professional Consultancy Service to students and parents, StudyMalaysia caters to all the needs of any student traveling to Malaysia.

Thus once students come to StudyMalaysia they need not go anywhere else. All their needs are catered for professionally, efficiently and ethically.

StudyMalaysia processes applications for ALL universities as a One Stop Service and to guarantee that only those institutions are applied to that are in the best interest of the student.

**NOTE**: We are the university representatives and we are with The Ministry of Higher Education, Malaysia, hence we do NOT charge our students anything.

Very often students and parents come in with pre-conceived notions about 'popular' courses and 'conventional' areas of study. We gauge the potential, profile, financial constraints, future aspirations and interest of the student, and suggest appropriate courses and universities to ensure that ambitions, goals and aspirations are met.

Studying abroad is not merely about filling in application forms and sending them to universities you have heard of. It is a complex process involving an array of questions, issues and formalities that need to be looked into, completed and followed through.

Our services include:

CAREER COUNSELING: with in the backdrop of a fast changing professional and market scenario, we guide you to ensure that you are making the right Career choices for you keeping in view your background and individual profile

COURSE SELECTION: Personal guidance to help choose courses that match your Career and Personal Goals.

UNIVERSITY SELECTION: Assistance to zero into those universities that would best suit your Personal, Academic and Financial Profile or Constraints. The advice provided is absolutely non-commercial and non- biased.

ADMISSION FORMALITIES: Highlight the areas essential for a well-presented, error free application. We provide Assistance with References,   Follow up with the chosen universities and ensure a positive and quick response.

RECOMMENDATIONS: Highlighting the student's strengths and reasons why he/she should be granted admission are sent. The Universities Admission Tutors consider this in their decision making.

ACCOMMODATION: Counselors will give you valuable advice on the accommodation types to suit your needs and budget. You will also be introduced to current students over there who will help you get settled in.
VISA FORMALITIES: Assistance with the Visa applications and formalities.

TRAVEL ARRANGEMENTS: Including ticket booking, seat/meal preference, advanced seat requests, finding economic air-fares. They also assist you with Insurance coverage to ensure all eventualities are taken care of during your time abroad.

PRE-DEPARTURE BRIEFING:  for settling into your new host country.

We specialize in assisting students and parents comprehensively and non-commercially. Please contact us immediately for an appointment for your personal consultation.