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The AMERICAN DEGREE TRANSFER PROGRAM and how that's your best option:

Also known as the 2+2 program, where you study in Malaysia for 2 years then you transfer to U.S for the remaining 2.

*NOTE*- No SAT scores are required.

This Program is only available for Under Graduation (Bachelors), for courses like:

Engineering: Aeronautics, computer, chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, paper, petroleum, etc.

BBA: Accountancy, advertising, business communication, economics, finance, food, supply management, HR, marketing, Statistics, general management, etc.

Bach of Natural science: Bio medical, chemistry, geography, geology, physics, psychology, mathematics, etc.

BSc: Aviation, computer science, architecture, pharmacy, nursing, actuarial science, forensic science, etc.

BA: Communication broadcast and cable production, journalism, media studies, organizational communication, public relations, telecommunication management, tourism and hospitality, film production, photography, etc.

The list goes on and on!

It is viable for you to do 2 years in Malaysia because you save 1/4th cost of studying and living in the U.S and you get the exposure of two major countries. It increases your chances of better employment because all major companies are getting globalized and are looking for people who have the maximum exposure.

For more information about the universities offering this program and the American Partner Universities, please fill the Information form.