Industrial Partnerships
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Industrial Partnerships

Activities under this programme include: -
1. Training and industrial pupilage of IMU undergraduate & postgraduate
    students in industries
2. Provision of consultancies by IMU staff to industries
3. IMU as a centre for external quality control for industry
4. Feedback from industries on appropriate changes to the curriculum for better
    relevance to industry
5. Enable industry to support their staff to participate in Continuing Professional
    Development (CPD) through IMU.
6. Enable industry to provide opportunities for their staff to undertake part-time
    postgraduate studies on projects relevant to industry
7. Conducting collaborative research with industry for product development and
    product improvement
8. Commercialisation of IMU research findings by industry
9. Providing support to IMU staff who seek to engage specific industries

Industry involved include:
1. Hospital and healthcare
2. Pharmaceutical manufacturing
3. Retail pharmacy
4. Laboratory medicine
5. Nutrition and dietetics
6. Medical biotechnology
7. Health related NGO’s
8. Education and training