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This programme is designed to provide students with knowledge and applied skills in data science, big data analytics and business intelligence. It aims to develop analytical and investigative knowledge and skills using data science tools and techniques, and to enhance data science knowledge and critical interpretation skills.

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Limkokwing students from the Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity participated in the Julien MacDonald Fashion Show during the ninth ‘A Journey Through Time’ showcase held at the Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur on 21 Nov.

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The Anoop Girdhar Memorial Scholarship

Being a Social Enterprise has worked for us in many ways. From creating awareness to making a positive impact in people’s lives, we have been able to do it all! Aside from the services that we provide, we have started an annual scholarship for students who wish to study in Malaysia.

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Education For All

To Gurnihal, our inspiration and driving force. The little girl who unknowingly changed the way we think about education.

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This is something us Indian students face on a regular basis! There is way too much pressure on 15-16 year olds to decide what they want to do for the rest of their lives, it is not fair but that is where we come in.

Medice, Engineering, Commerce and Law might be great for people who are passionate about these fields but in this day and age, everyone has innumerable options if you keep your minds and eyes open. 

Importance of Career Counseling

There aren't a lot of students who know what they want no matter what age they are, and that is absolutely fine. In the age of technology, almost everyone has the resources to assess what they might or might not like but one still needs to know what the options are, and that is exactly what we do for you. We have a series of Aptitude Tests and Personality Assessments that give us an idea of the fields/courses that might interest you and we suggest you the university accordingly. There are a lot of new courses that have been created keeping in mind the job scenario. A few Examples are listed below:

Business Intelligence and Data Sciences
Media Innovation
Sports management
Sports Journalism
Sustainable Development
Mechatronic Engineering
Forensic Computing
Organizational Psychology
Economic Crime Management
Ethical hacking
Food Technology
Performing Arts and Theatre
Fashion and Retail Management
Professional Design
Sound Design
Digital Film Making and Production
Culinary Arts
Hospitality and Services Management
and Many More!

All these courses have been created according to the demand in the Market and every University has a 95% placement rate when it comes to International Students. We take on the responsibility for providing you the best of what is available to help you make an informed decision. We, at Study Malaysia take our Students' careers very personally, that is why we don't charge anything for any of our services just so that you can feel safe and at ease when it comes to attending our workshops, Seminars and Counseling Sessions. 

How we Counsel

In spite of our our expansive Franchisee model, we realize that we cannot be physically present everywhere, that is why we have evolved with time and technology. We happily assign every student/parent a counselor who will provide their services over the phone, via email, live chat or Video conferencing. You can pick the date and time that suits you the most and we will be there to support you in every decision you decide to make. We will make sure that you pick a stream that is in line with your personality, aptitude and liking. 
Feel free to take the personality assessment here and we shall e-mail you a brief feedback prior to the counseling session.