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This programme is designed to provide students with knowledge and applied skills in data science, big data analytics and business intelligence. It aims to develop analytical and investigative knowledge and skills using data science tools and techniques, and to enhance data science knowledge and critical interpretation skills.

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Limkokwing students from the Faculty of Fashion & Lifestyle Creativity participated in the Julien MacDonald Fashion Show during the ninth ‘A Journey Through Time’ showcase held at the Starhill Gallery Kuala Lumpur on 21 Nov.

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The Anoop Girdhar Memorial Scholarship

Being a Social Enterprise has worked for us in many ways. From creating awareness to making a positive impact in people’s lives, we have been able to do it all! Aside from the services that we provide, we have started an annual scholarship for students who wish to study in Malaysia.

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Education For All

To Gurnihal, our inspiration and driving force. The little girl who unknowingly changed the way we think about education.

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About Living and Working In Malaysia

Malaysia is a melting pot of greenery, culture, heritage, foreign investments and languages. With less than 3% unemployment rate, Malaysians are fast approaching their goal of being declared a Developed Nation by the year 2020. There are students from over 110 countries studying in Malaysian Universities, making it one of the most diverse nations to study and work in.

Over 5000 Multi-National Companies have moved their Asia Pacific Headquarters to Malaysia to be closer to one of the most booming economies and efficient workforce. Companies like Google, IBM, Sony, Dell, HP, DHL, Deloitte, KPMG, Ernst and Young, PWC, HSBC and many more have found budding talent from all over the world in Malaysia to recruit, train and relocate them wherever they prefer.




Growth Areas of Malaysia- Sectors offering the most Jobs

Every country has their niche sectors that have the potential of offering the most jobs. Fortunately, Malaysia, in spite of being a relatively small country, has employed thousands of foreign nationals in various sectors such as Services, Management, Oil, gas and energy, Finance, Retail, Wholesale, Telecommunication, Medicine, Biotechnology, Healthcare, Agriculture, Education, Hospitality, Tourism, Communications and many more.




These are few of the growing industries of Malaysia and most Multi-National Companies focus on hiring a large percentage of Internationals due to their high rates of relocation and iteration. The Malaysian economy is boosted by a large number of young, educated and knowledgeable individuals which greatly improves the interests of foreign investors. The government has backed initiatives to increase the numbers of individuals in this workforce whilst maintaining high standards. Furthermore, increasing the numbers in the workforce ensures that costs of labor can remain steadily low and competition with other countries can continue.

Industry Partners

Most Universities are tied up with the following industry partners in order to provide state of the art infrastructure, technology, education and jobs to the students coming in from all over the world. These industry partnerships ensure that the quality of education is well maintained and students can get the best out of their stay in Malaysia.




Getting a job is always overwhelming, that is why we, at Study Malaysia want you to have smooth transition from finishing your education to getting a job. That is why we have collaborated with various placement companies that do only International Placements. From Internships to Managerial level jobs, you will always get what you are best suited for and we are here to make sure of it. We take our student's careers very personally and will make sure that you get what was promised to you, a quality education and a job that you like. 


Please note: This is just a Partial information that we have provided, to know more, kindly Contact us by filling up the form on the left!